Friday, March 5, 2010


alternate title: evolution, re-volution, or de-volution?

16-20 billion years ago: the big bang (or "the creation of the universe")...or something
4,600,000,000 (4.6 billion) years ago: earth is formed
4,000,000,000 (4 billion) years ago: first life appears
65-85 million years ago - primates: mammals that ate fruit and insects
15,000,000 (15 million) years ago - hominidae: the great apes
1,800,000 (1.8 million) years ago - homo erectus: had a brain 3/4 the size of modern man
516,000 years ago - neanderthal: present humans share 99% of our dna with the neanderthal
160,000 years ago - homo sapiens: practice mortuary rituals and butcher hippos
40,000 years ago - cro-magnon man: migration to australia and europe
12,000 years ago - mesolithic era: evolution of light skin
2,500 years ago: Patanjali writes yoga sutras
2,010-ish years ago: birth of Jesus; beginning of "common era" (everything prior is "before common era" or b.c.e.)
1,900 years ago: dead sea scrolls hidden
1,400 years ago: Muhammed writes the quaran
700 years ago: bible first translated into middle english
600 years ago: renaissance
500 years ago: slave trade (slavery didn't end [in the u.s.a.] until 135 years [a couple of lifetimes] ago)
400 years ago: king james version of bible written
235 years ago: american revolution
139 years ago: "civil" war (u.s.a.)
80 years ago: great depression (u.s.a.)
40 years ago-present: technological age (homo-technologicaurus: the most informed, educated, constructive/destructive, active/sedentary, consumption-oriented, newsy creatures to ever inhabit the planet earth)

-the end

* while many could argue that humans are "devolving" -- it is important to note that devolution leads to re-volution. ..and, you can't spell devolution or revolution without evolution.

* while evolution (backwards) spells no-i-tu-love, maybe the end of i-worship will mean the beginning of something more All-encompassing.



interesting note: if we could draw a linear timeline from the moon to the center of your computer screen, and if that line represented the elapse of time since the big bang, then most of what we think we know about nutrition has been "researched" within an arm's length of the center of your screen... 

...from the moon!   

maybe that's why eggs are "good for you" this week and "bad for you" next week, etc.

also interesting: Jesus' birth, if we use that same timeline, would have occurred somewhere near the front door of your house.

(yeah, this is what lenny thinks about, when given time to reflect. ..yikes!)

((now it's time for some non-lennier time))

* inspired, in part, by noticing all of the plastic (trash) strewn about in modern-day cities, especially when you get away from the resort areas.

* also inspired by observing dinosaur-like creatures, chowing-down on french fries. 
(no wonder they became extinct!)  

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