Wednesday, March 10, 2010

shipwreck at sea

while snorkeling over the shipwreck "antilla," you can get an eerie feeling, sometimes.  ..below you is a former ship, broken into bits and pieces. ..huge chunks of metal are strewn about -- covered with barnacles and debris in the aqua-blue water.

the visibility was (maybe 60 feet), so the other feeling that you get is that you are in the middle of a big, blue ocean, and there are other creatures (there) that can (literally) have you for lunch. some points, like in the picture (above), all you can see is blue.

the mind can also connect with the emptiness of dying at sea -- of "going down with the ship" -- of drowning. a way, it was scary. another way, it seemed as if drowning might be a peaceful way to die.  

i remember thinking: "you've got to die of something."


death at sea is quiet, serene, tranquil. ..your Spiritual essence vacates the physical body once you've "gone down for the last time."  by the time the physical body ceases to breathe, "You" are already long gone.

it's a lonely death, but it doesn't take too much time.  ..30-60 seconds, at best. most instances, the hypothermia places you in a trance-like state anyway, so it's a final re-lease, of sorts.  for pirates and wartime sailors, "drowning" might be an inviting scenario, compared with hand-to-hand mortal combat, cannonballs, bullets, and bombs.

in "the perfect storm," george clooney's character (capt billy tyne) doesn't even try to swim to the surface. ..totally submerged and inverted, underneath 30-100 foot waves, he just takes a look out of the porthole, smiles, and eases himself back into the captain's area (to die).

* maybe this is where some of last week's "the future passed away" (click here) came from.

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