Saturday, March 6, 2010

sea venture

the "sea venture" is a trimaran that takes you on a snorkeling excursion. ..we were led by cpt. alex and his trusty first mate, alfredo. ..joep appeared to be the assistant, in training.

ladies, you would have enjoyed the day:
  • 3 cabana-boys/crew, to assist you
  • open bar, all cruise long
  • 3 snorkeling stops (including a shipwreck, "the antilla")
  • sandwiches (yes, meat was consumed), and
  • sun
below: allison, caitlyn, and erin (from boston). aruba, you'll meet more boston/rhode island people in one week than you would during a year in boston/rhode island. ..note alfredo (background), who was sure to let the ladies know that he was there to take care of their every desire.
above: in addition to rhode islanders
you can always count on a seminole fan, in the mix (note the t-shirt).

above: cpt alex and joep

above: if you'd like to kite-board or wind-surf,
aruba's everlasting sun and constant breeze are certain to satisfy.

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  1. judging by the bucket of masks/snorkels (top-right picture), you can understand the importance of bringing your own.