Monday, March 15, 2010

'neau news is good news (part II)

 (this one is just for me)

based upon a lightning-quick pre-view of today's "news," it is obvious that all forms of media need to be taken with an extremely tiny grain of gives people something to talk about, right up until the next installment, which is only a few seconds away.

http://news: "reporter initiates hoax, reporting that russia is invading georgia"

http://news: "runaway prius: questions raised about driver"


bad news: news that focuses upon negatives (almost all news)

old news: news that happens to be more than a few seconds old (almost all news)

good news: no news

no news: good news

question: when new[s] gets old (all-ways), what's new?

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epilogue: it's good news that news is (now) so sensationalized, so ridiculous, and so erroneous that no one (really) takes any of it seriously. .."wolf!" has been cried one-too-many times, and news now amounts to a backdrop or canvas that provides people with a way to tap-into their own behavior patterns, viewings, and discussions.

(aren't they all?)


  1. There IS balance in the world, but ya's never know it by the media!

  2. thanks, sue!

    a wise woman once said:

    "Balance Simply IS. apparently imbalanced skewed phenomena (e.g. the media) simply provide us with the down-side of the see-saw."

    rock on, no one!