Friday, March 19, 2010


by r. e. find

to lose yourself to find yourself to analyze the cost
to analyze the win again, to find that we are

* "winning" is an illusion, so long as there is a loser in the mix.

*  the very cost of winning is losing, insomuch as 'to defeat someone' is to prove that we are separate from them.  maybe the whole premise of separation is a losing proposition.

* the good news (and, of course, there's All-Ways Good news), is that the insanity of separation points directly back to the Knowing that "lost" (like dorothy's experience, in "the wizard of oz"), is but a temporary dream.

...a veeeeery temporary Dream.

"lost" (of Course) is itself an illusion, because we can't ever be disconnected from that which we are.

"lost" is actually a pathway to a re-find sense of re-Member-ing., and reMembering is the re-Cognition that we never weren't Unified in the First No-place.



* question: does a double-negative equal something positive?

-1 x -1 = One

* picture (above): "the path" is a trail on grandfather mountain, n.c.

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