Friday, March 5, 2010

lazy river

a "lazy river" is basically a giant swimming pool... with a current. ..a lazy river tends to meander, and it is often accentuated by palm trees, waterfalls, bridges, hot tubs, and the like.

as in life, you can flow with the stream, or you can swim against the current.

when you select "flow," the easiest way is to use a pfd (personal flotation device) which can be purchased at the marriot surf club store, for a reasonable price.

pfd's "do nothing," which kind-of makes them One with everything.



we made friends with one of the waitresses (yennie) last night, and she brought us the cadillac of pfd's: a "hollywood pfd" from her home.

..when it comes to pfd's, size matters. ..for our store-bought pfd's, we went with the surf-club's best:  the "tire model," because "a lot is floating on your tires."


above: yennie's pfd, however, came in blue -- with drink holders, book holders, secret compartments, and it is turbocharged.  

(3br, 2 bath, fireplace, den, computer room.  
i think that it was last year's pace car at the indy 500).

our plan is to give our pfd's away, probably to yennie, when we're finally forced to leave aruba.

below: more pics of lazy river activity


 aruba: one happy island.

left: it appears that donna got hold of the camera.

below: please do not try this at home,
especially if you're using the vw-bug pfd.




  1. Just when I think I've seen it all, you step up and remind us that you are in fact the coolest man in the universe. This officially means that you win the vacation. Give this man a medal.

  2. hey, james!

    when it comes right down to it, it's ALL about the pfd.

    yes, the "cooler situation" (as it has come to be known) will probably lead to new lazy-river rules, prohibiting such activity.

    they're going to call it the "cooler-no" ...or was that the "cooler-'neau"?

    more to follow, from the wild, weird, wacky world of wIe.

  3. They banned your cooler?! No way! Just like the man, always trying to keep you down. They have no idea who they're dealing with! Keep on rocking in the free world!

  4. no, bro,

    they haven't banned the oversized pfd (with cooler upgrade) yet...

    ...but, it received sooooo much attention (and it was soooo out of the box -- and soooo much fun) that security was taking notice.

    the trickle-down effect will probably flow as follows:
    1. ban oversized pfd's from the lazy river
    2. ban coolers from the lazy river
    3. ban any type of refreshing beverage from the lazy river
    4. ban "fun" from the lazy river
    5. shut off the "current-maker"
    6. drain the lazy river
    7. dismantle the re-creation area
    8. evacuate the island
    9. etc...

    on the other hand...

    the marriot could re-cognize the ingenuity, and hire me as the re-creation facilitation specialist for all resorts of this nature.

  5. note: to those of you who don't already know this...

    martineaus have a tendency toward what is Lovingly known as "slight exaggeration."