Sunday, March 7, 2010

kukoo kunuku

alternative titles: 

"tonight's gonna be a good, good night"
"who let the dogs out?"
"good times never seemed so good"

...or any of the plethera of sing-alongs from last night.

if you have a bucket list, go ahead and add "kukoo kunuku" to your list.
if you don't (or even if you do), i'm adding "turning you on to kukoo kunuku" to my list.  

aruba must be visited again, if only to go kukoo.

"kukoo kunuku" is an aruba phenomenon. begin by boarding a brightly colored bus, and you take a little ride to the lighthouse for a champagne toast to the sunset. ..seems simple enough.

below: donna and tom sign-in, with "momma"

 left and below: the inside of the party-bus (or was it a moving dance floor?)


as you can see (below), each person is loaned a set of maracas, to help you lose your inhibitions...

...which takes (roughly) about a fraction of a second.

below: kate, janet and marsha

after sunset, you venture to the home of aruba ambassador (atan lee) for a bit of dinner.

 if you dare... you get a temporary, hand-painted tattoo.


donna went with a parrot (below). ..there were several photographs of (optional) "body-paint," but no-one on our bus ventured into topless/bottomless mode (at this juncture).

left: momma, showing off her tattoo.

it must be said that momma carries the evening. ..from an enthusiastic welcome, to a rousing toast/speech, to being a cheerleader and an instigator, momma sets the tone with lines like:

"tonight, kukoo kunuku is your designated driver, 
but i'm your momma!"

below: nice digs... dinner is basic, as in (basically) fuel for the night ahead).

..............above: tom, lynn and donna

...and then the party (really) gets started: it's a bus-pub-crawl, complete with costumes, dancing on bars, and other forms of ritualistic bonding.

above: momma leads a busride sing-along to "sweet caroline" ("ba-ba-ba!),
which proved (once again) that the journey is just as much fun as the destination.

(truth be told, maybe more!)

neal diamond: "good times never seemed so good"
us: "so good! so good! so good! so good!"
below: the first bar: la rumba cafe'

left: jackie (with the head-dress) and her entourage, on the dance floor. ..they saved their best dancing for next bar and (of course) for the bus-ride home.
below: donna and tom play guitar
above: myl, our sweet bartener-ess

above: dancing the night away to "tonight's gonna be a good night!"

below: lenny, alexis, and dean


oh, well... all good things must come to an end/beginning/end, 
so it's back on the bus... 

left and below: during this roving party, you "occasionally" harrass people on the street

below: the u-wanna-beer bar, which could have easily been named 
the u-wanna-dance-on-the-bar

since our busload of roving partiers was the only entertainment, 
we (basically) took over every venue that we entered.

luckily (for me), and quite honestly... my camera's memory card became full at about this point, so i have no more pictures. ..waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

to all of my kukoo kunuku bretheren, please send your pictures to me, 
and i'll upload the appropriate ones.

momma (of course) had all of us gentlemen climb-up onto the bar (with her), and we had to put on crazy hats -- then take off our shirts -- and then act out the "Y-M-C-A!" song... 

(donna will forward those pictures once she and tom get home, next week sometime).

the rest of the night was spent howling with new friends. ..the final bar was a disco, but that was only preparation for the greatest dance-party/bus-ride home ever experienced.  ..departing guests were encouraged to honor the recent full-moon, as each said goodbye (in his/her own, unique way) at various resorts and hotels.

this kukoo event will be experienced again. ..the only questions are:

1. when?
2. will you be there, next time?

hasta luego.


  1. WOW - what a blast. Count me in! Talk to you soon.


  2. Hi Lenny,
    Caitlyn here from the Sea Venture. So glad to see you took our suggestion and had a great time on the Kukoo Kunuku! Rock on :) You put some great pics up. Good luck on your next adventure!

  3. hey, jean!

    yeah, you'll LOVE it when we take the tampa/rhode island/destin crew down there for some future adventure!

  4. hi, caitlyn!

    yes, THANKS TO "YOUSE GUYS" for turning me on the kukoo side of life.

    hey, that sea-venture pic of you, allison and erin (water ballet) turned out GREAT, didn't it?

    hope all is well in the boston area!
    smiles, len

  5. Oh my lord. I have nearly as much fun dozing off in front of an episode of CSI, believe it or not.

  6. now THAT, i'd have to see.
    of course, given that i don't have a television, i'll go with the maracas over any t.v. show, every time.

    sue, if you can get the kukoo experience out of CSI, you are one evolved lady!

  7. KNOW that the next one will have to include me!!!



  8. ...and YOU, jules, will make the next one even more fun than the former one!

    one question: how are you with maracas?
    Love, len

  9. Of COURSE I am excellent with maracas!!!

    But the proof is always in the pudding, so I'll have to show you...



  10. okay, you've passed phase I: self-affirmed ability to shake maracas.

    step II is a little more difficult: dancing on a moving bus (with open air -- no windows), amid pounding music, while doing laps around a rotary intersection. no joke.

    can you handle that? then we'll talk about step III.

  11. Well, you should already know that I am well equipped and quite ready to take on just about any situation...

    So, I must IMMEDIATELY know what step III is.


  12. depends on what you're watching, when you're watching, how you're watching. It is a neutral medium, as are they all. The unfolding of a lot of creativity is there. Damages - Glenn Close as Patty Hewes- what a role! What a performance!

  13. yeah, sue...

    a good question is always: "how does it make me feel?"

    most tv, news, and commercials have a negative effect (on most people i know, whether wIe re-cognize it it or not).

    and if i want creativity, i can always go to a gazillion other places (e.g. your blog) that work much better for/with my earth-experiencing self.