Thursday, March 4, 2010


dra·mat·ic (adj.)

1. of (or relating to) drama (or the theater).
2. characterized by (or expressive of) the action or emotion associated with drama or the theater: a dramatic rescue at sea.
3. arresting or forceful in appearance or effect: a dramatic sunset.
4. music having a powerful, expressive singing voice: a dramatic tenor.

dramatically (example):
1. "your performance improved dramatically"

1. drama - the dualistic dance, between fear and love
2. tic - the illusion of time, ticking away
3. All - Everything
4. ally - to join with
5. Ally - to re-Member, to re-Unicate: a re-Union 

the re-Cognition that we never weren't Connected, and that we never are separate...
...even as we get caught up in the individualistic, duel-istic Play,  
here, in space/time.

reference (for the conventional use of "dramatic" and "dramatically"):

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