Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dance the night away

to "dance the night away" = to dance, all night long.

to "Dance the night away" = to See Beyond the darkness and shadows of this, the dual world.  

* "Dancing" can take on many, many forms -- but Play-full Dancing expedites the process of Seeing Beyond. ..not only that, but it's fun!

* "dueling" (or dual-dancing) is a life-process that makes its way from boston to rhode island via california.

we'll all join-hands, back Home (event-u-ally), 
and we can also enjoy the journey a lot more,
when we practice  


1 comment:

  1. sometimes, life NEEDS a little trip to california:

    * for the change in "whether"
    * for the difference in opinion
    * for the shift in perspective
    * for the re-Cognition that there's a lot to be great-full for, right Here.