Wednesday, March 31, 2010



imbedded in the word "confidentiality" is the word "confident."

it is so, so easy to talk about others (especially the deep, dark deeds of others)...
...but something that is just as easy is to forget the obvious:

when we talk about others, 
we are actually saying a lot more about ourselves then we are about them.

 it's important to really, really think about this one.

if we were to peel back the layers of the gossip-onion, we'd find deep, dark, personal, internal messages, like:
  • i'm not okay.
  • i'm not worthy.
  • i don't feel good about myself.
  • i'm in pain.
  • i fear that i'm not love-able.   
think about it: when anyone says anything negative about anyone else, ever -- they are (really) spouting the above bullets. usual, the outward appearance is that the bullets are headed downrange, somewhere -- but we all know that gossip is a self-inflicted wound.

note: some of us (even talk-show hosts?) spout these messages quite loudly.

note: when we listen to the chatter, we are part of the problem (and not the solution).

in the world of therapeutic massage, the typical classroom setting provides students (and teachers) with many, many, many opportunities to practice the cornerstone of our profession: confidentiality.

let's practice it, together, Now.


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* note: lenny, this message is being sent to you (from you) as a gentle, self re-mind-er.