Friday, February 5, 2010

you know that you are Home, when... wake up, and the first thing that you see is this picture.

life at willy n' judy's place (in tampa, florida), is easy-going, relaxed-yet-exciting, bursting with memories in the making, and filled with family/friend Love.

thank you, willy/judy/kelly/abby (and, yes, you too sydney), for a taste of sunshine!



  1. Wow, what a compliment! (Tiki is hurt you forget her. She will never whoop for you again).We are looking forward to the next time! May it happen soon.

  2. hey, jude,

    if tiki never whoops for me again, i will not lose a moment's sleep.

    (sorry, tiki, but furry animals that whoop it up from 3-5 a.m. don't make the cut on this blog)

    kidding, of course (sort of)

    all seriousness aside, jude:

    "sweeeeeet caroline, ba-ba-ba!
    good times never seemed so good
    i'd be inclined, ba-ba-ba!
    to believe they never could..."

    ...and on, and on...

  3. Brother you are always welcomed home! come on down soon. We need to go fishing! Aloha Willy.