Wednesday, February 3, 2010


by i. w. under

the other day, i got a phone call from jean.
she said that she’d had a wonderful time with friends/family recently.  
click here for a glimpse into that.

let’s break down the term “wonderful,” and then let’s Spiritually Script* it, and then let’s explore just how right-on jean’s assessment of the situation was/Is:

  • won:  the past-tense of win, which usually means that "we beat-up on somebody who was somehow different than us."

  • wonder:  to contemplate, with curiosity, hope and sparkle.

  • wonderful: to be full of wonder.

  • Won (with a Capital "W"): to Be One. ..It’s the Ultimate Win/Win scenario.

  • Won-duh: the act of Oneing.

  • Wonder-Full: to Fully express Oneness, Always.

how do we “do” WonderFull?

when it rains, we bathe in the rain.
   when it snows, we fire-up our fire-places.
       when a security guard is condescending, we smile, we laugh, we ask for his name, and we thank him for caring.

* we plan, yes, but we don’t get stuck or attached to the plan.  when the plan changes (as it must), we happily adapt, chuckle, and make a new plan.

* when someone sits on the c.d. case (and wonders if s/he did something wrong), someone else (in a Wonder-Full way) lets he/r know that we can always replace c.d. cases.  what cannot be replaced is the Loving moment of support and embrace that allows us to feel secure in the Love of friends/family.

* we pay attention to children who are dressed-up as pirates.

* we pay attention to dogs, dressed-up as elves.

* we pay attention to people who care, and we care for those in need of a smile or a hug.

* we make mistakes, yes, and we try not to repeat them.  when others make mistakes, we For-Give, with the Knowing that every-one is doing the best that they can with what they’ve got, in every moment.

* we practice what we preach (and we don’t preach).

* we give less energy to those things that feel negative (e.g. bad news, gossip, advertisements, criticism, judgment, blame, noise pollution, etc.).

* we give more attention and focus to those experiences that feel Love-ing, fun, supportive and Unifying.

    we Give-in to more wonder, and (in turn) life becomes more Full.


    thank YOU, to the family/friends who make this a Complete-ly Wonder-Full experience.

    Love, lenny

    * note: for more on Spiritual Scripting, click Here, and Now.

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