Sunday, February 28, 2010


by m. edia ocre

stay tuned for the horror (as we put on our disguise)
more and more (that's what's in store), a bore:


* for over 23 hours, news reporter "experts" used graphs and charts and diagrams and fancy visual aids to "inform" us about the progression of the "tsunami" resulting from chile's recent earthquake. was like watching the aquatic version of "balloon boy."

* when they reported that "four-to-five-foot waves" had "struck" hawaii, i thought: "don't four or five foot waves always strike hawaii?   

but... when they reported the "four-centemeter tsunami" that "hit" one of the islands off the coast of japan, well... that was downright embarrassing. ..for them -- and for me, because i was momentarily "tuned-in."  

the 4cm tsunami report actually came across like
a straight-faced, stand-up comedy routine.

"hawaii dodged a bullet" read the headline. 
what did japan "dodge" -- an angry bucket of salty water?

* of course, the media faux pas was overshadowed by constant flashbacks to recent death and destruction, interviews with earthquake victims, and the like. ..and of course, the reporter followed-up the 4cm tsunami "report" by reminding us that we shouldn't downplay the situation, because much bigger waves might still be bearing down on japan

"it could be hours before we know for sure. ..stay tuned."

* from reality t.v. shows to the weather, to the government to the heartbreak of a.d.h.d., there's no shortage of people who are ready, willing and paid to sensationalize the story just enough to hook you in -- until the next story -- which is just a few seconds away.

it's sense-ational. .. 
and it doesn't really matter if it's anywhere close to the truth.

p.s. let's pretend (for a second) that the reporters really think that we really believe that somebody can actually measure a 4cm "wave" as it impacts upon an island...

...but seriously...

don't they know that we know that a four-centemeter wave is less than half of the length of a baby's baby finger

i mean, this is the ocean, right?????

* picture (above): the great aruba tsunami of february, 2010: if you look closely, you can clearly observe the devastation caused by the water as it impacts against the sides of the glass container. ..the fake flowers have bloomed in advance of the wave (as a precautionary measure).

"film at eleven." 

* btw: because of chile's earthquake, haiti will be "old news" -- until the day when there is nothing else for reporters to talk about.

* in related media-ocre news, click here for "we weren't there."  

* obviously, this post is not to downplay the danger of earthquakes/tsunamis, balloon boys, or a.d.h.d.'s to re-mind myself that media (by it's nature) has, as its primary goal, getting us to tune-in. ..truth in reporting is not the primary goal, and you already know this. ..without even trying, the media cannot help but sensational-lies.


  1. I must admit (thankfully) that until I read this post I truly did NOT KNOW any of this drivel had been on the airwaves thank goodness...

    Now, as for you, calm down, take a breath my dear and turn off the television very slowly while backing away...then go outside and swim and come back and tell me about the ocean please.



  2. consider it done.

    i'm waiting for my sister and brother-in-law, however, so i can't go out and play until they get in.
    in regard to the television, look for my solution in an upcoming post, entitled "the #1 best use for a beach towel."