Monday, February 22, 2010

little red wagon (reprise)

every-one (at some point in life) has his own little red wagons to pull.

in fact, it is we who are responsible for taking the steps toward borrowing, renting or owning a particular red wagon. ..we decide:
  • the size of the wagon
  • the amount of maintenance necessary for the wagon
  • our level of attachment to the wagon
  • the prevalence of red wagons in our sandbox
  • the amount of time that we want to invest, pulling our wagon(s)
at times, we get caught up in someone else's drama, and we take on the responsibility of helping her pull her own little red wagon. probably know people who are so good at pulling others' wagons that they've got no energy left to pull (or even acknowledge) their own.

points to ponder:
  • in the end, it will become apparent that all red wagons are "little"
  • as we reduce the number (and prevalence) of our wagons, we can become much more free
  • others' wagons are in their sandbox for a reason 
  • it's not red for nothing
  • at times, a little red wagon helps us to play our games
empathy for another's wagon happens when we take a moment to understand what s/he is going through, and we might even cut someone a break when they experience wagon-overload.

at the same time, we can choose not to acknowledge red wagons, if especially if an individual decides to take his wagon everywhere that he goes.

High-Level Wellness re-Cognizes that, ultimately:

"that's your own little red wagon to pull"

it goes without saying
(even though i'm just sayin'), that

...even if we've painted and polished our wagon, and
......even if it has helped us to carry our baggage, and
.........even if it has taken us on more than a few rides...

there may come a time when we leave that little red wagon behind.  _____________________________________

* In-Spired by square roots (click here for square roots)
- also InSpired by jules and brenda, who have been using the line (below) since loooooooooooooong before lenier time.

"that's not my little red wagon to pull" by square roots (check them out at here)

* graphics by microsoft clipart


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