Tuesday, February 2, 2010

"we've got a situation -- on six"

sometimes, people live the game of life on the sidelines...

   at other times, the game of life is lived as if we were watching tell-a-vision -- inter-acting remotely, from a place that seems to be completely across the room from the screen.


every now and again, a band of pirates will decide against watching the show, 
in favor of BE-ing the show.

ladies and gentlemen: gasparilla

left: note the palm tree.

somehow, 73 degrees feels slightly different than 10 degrees with snow, sleet and ice.

.......pictured - back-to-front, right to left:
.....................jim jean, jerry, lenny  .. 
..........kelly, judy, abby, clare, roberta, donna
.......................willy (kneeling)

below: a pirate looks at 4?
at gasparilla, everybody has a camera. ..everybody wants to take your picture, or they want to ask you take their picture, or they want to have their picture taken with you.   in keeping with the theme of happiness, you (occasionally) oblige.

in the final analysis, it's all about the beads.
sidenote: can you pick out the tidy-bowl pirate in the picture, below?
we thank our stars, that he was with us.

after the invasion...
...without going into details, it isn't difficult to imagine the level of debauchery that it took for the parking garage security guy to utter the following:

"we've got a situation on six."

maybe it was because he wanted to experience the illusion of control, or maybe it's because he'd gotten up too early on this rainy morning. ..maybe he was spanked as a child, maybe it's because we were heavily armed with plastic swords, or maybe he simply wanted to join us... 

...but mr. security decided to go with some fairly condescending tone-language while telling us that we'd be "stuck downtown" for about four extra hours (until the post-invasion parade ended). ..he flashed his little badge, and chose to go with lines like:

"well, if you'd read your ticket..."

i'm happy to report that we responded by smiling, laughing, and asking for his name.  

suffice it to say that "mark" received even more love (later that evening) -- with a heartfelt "pirate serenade" as we finally left for home.
thank you -- to all of the pirates of the Care of Being, for a weekend of fun and frolick!

more pictures to follow... 


  1. it was the ultimate in "duel-ity."

  2. Ahhhh - so much fun. I've never been part of a "situation" before. One of the many fantastic moments of the week!

    Love to all!


  3. hey, jean!

    at the time, it seemed to be halfway between situational comedy and situational seriousness.

    here's to the next rendezvous!


  4. ...this is me, wishing I could have been a part of the "situation".


  5. put it on your calendar, jules.

    plus, why wait?

  6. Don't worry Jules, I'm sure we can create a "situation". Next time I come to Charlotte, that will be our goal!


  7. Jean...the plans are already in motion!!! So, plan on visiting very soon, I am looking forward to meeting you.