Tuesday, February 2, 2010

food 101

in preparing to facilitate a nutrition class (tomorrow), i cannot not report that, over the course of 30 years in the fitness/wellness arena, i've met many, many people who are confused about food.

it's no wonder.

without getting into a massive debate, current food advertisement (and availability) runs contrary to a lifestyle of vibrance, movement, passion, mental clarity, flexibility and fun.

lenny's simple tips:

1. eat lower on the food chain.  ..the less processing, the better (in general). ..note: meat and meat bi-products are processed, processed, processed in the most notorious of ways.

2. eat more of a variety of raw fruits and vegetables

3. drink more water

4. bless (or in some way honor) food, prior to eating it

5. sloooooooow down the eating process

6. reduce cholesterol, sugar, salt, and caffeine (we can get bursts of energy from water and raw food)

by far, the most astutely researched nutrition text that i've ever read is the food revolution by john robbins, which is a scary read, indeed.

even if we can't put everything that john suggests into practice, simply moving in the vegetarian direction is a move toward increased wellness.

i avoid promoting websites/ideas unless they are fantastic, lucid and wellness oriented.  i.m.o., john's site (link below) is not only saving lives, but also promoting a lifestyle that can enhance all phases of human existence.

again, just an opinion... but you can check for yourself.  ..compare john's research, ideas and message with that of those who would criticize him, and you will change the way that you eat forever.


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* videos from  .http://www.vegsource.com/.


  1. Hey Lenny, you know Lune over at blogwithoutaname, she's pretty much given up the nondual writing and doing a lifestyle blog at http://constantstateofflux.com. She's a big advocate of raw dairy - see http://www.raw-milk-facts.com/raw_milk_health_benefits.html - what do you make of all this, in light of the "perils of dairy" video? No wonder we're confused about food!

  2. hi, sue!

    from a dual (and Nondual) perspective, it only seems natural (to me, anyway) to try to align more with Nature.

    human beings are the only animal on the planet earth that routinely drink the milk of another animal.

    i believe that everyone should make his own decisions about food choices (here), based upon how particular foods make them feel.

    this involves Paying Attention to how we feel (before, during and after eating/drinking).

    there's a lot of neuroassociative conditioning involved with food/drink (think: birthday cake, coffee, beer, etc.).

    i'm not a food nazi, nor am i a vegetarian. i do, however, sense a lot of Truth in the messages of dr. mcdougal and john robbins.

    even if none of (this) is really real, if certain behavioral experiences make this journey less fun, i'll avoid those experiences (when given the option).

    do we have choice (here) within the dream?

    i believe that (right Now) i can choose to have coffee, and i'm choosing not. on the way to work, i can stop at mcdonald's, but THAT's a choice that i haven't selected in over a decade.

    abraham-hicks would simply say:

    "how do you feel Now? how do you feel Now? how do you feel Now?"

    i feel better, staying as far away from meat (and meat bi-products) as i can, and i try to pay more attention to how i feel, which is leading me in the vegan direction.

    not 100%, maybe, but let's call it a tendency.

    more to follow,

    p.s. this is (in the scheme of things) relatively important stuff!

  3. oooo...

    one more thing.

    "color" is a clue. look at the difference in color between raw fruits and vegetables vs. the following:

    * coffee
    * cooked beef
    * chicken

    i tend to In-Joy life more in vibrant color-mode.

    plus, if we become what we eat, lets ponder the anxiety-filled plight of -- dead meat.

    "i'm just sayin'"

  4. one more thing, for parents.

    the mcdougal video is long, but, for Heaven's sake (and for your kids') sake, please watch it in its entirety.

    we might just find that we've been hoodwinked (more than a tad) by meat & dairy pushers who make a lot of $$$ when we consume.

    same for drug-pushers, whether those drugs are illegal, prescribed, or over-the-counter.

    if i had a child, that child would learn to LOVE clean water, and that child would be exposed to the "processing practices" of the meat & dairy industries.


  5. Marvelous answers Lenny. I tend to eat what's in front of me! Generally, it tends to be pretty healthy.

    My daughter insisted on drinking two pints of milk a day when she was 2-3 years old. She is now 5'10" and still growing! Size 10 feet and all. And all those tall Dutch people...they drink unbelievable amounts of milk. Lots of yogurt too. But it seems more likely they're tall because of an even distribution of wealth.


  6. from a purely dualistic perspective, our physiological priorities would probably rank "slow, conscious healthy food consumption" extremely high...

    ...right behind hydration, with clean water...

    ...and (of course) behind breeeeathing.

    (not a joke)