Saturday, February 27, 2010

day One

day One in aruba was fairly uneventful, as i'm here a day before donna and tom arrive.  ..i hadn't booked a room, and decided to wing-it when i got here.  the worst case scenario would have been to walk the beaches all night and find a hammock at sunrise.

as luck would have it, i found a place that is walking distance to the beach.

full moon right now...


on the plane, i met several people (while standing up, in the back, sneaking-in a tree pose or two) -- many who were on their 5th, 10th, 30th visit to the island.'s what the arubalovers are saying:

  • the water is good.  you can drink it out of the tap -- which means that the food is good, even after you wash it with the water.
  • aruba is small. can see it all very quickly, giving you more time to lounge at the beach and do nothing.
  • there's nothing to do, so you can't help but read your book (under a palm tree, on the beach).
  • there are trees on the beach.
  • the natives are much more friendly than on other caribbean islands.
  • there's not a poverty problem, so you don't get the begging or the overbearing street salespeople.
  • they use the u.s. dollar.
  • arubians, for the most part, speak several languages (one of which is english).
  • it's on the equator, so you get longer days.
  • it's on the equator, so it's warm.
  • aruba has a dry, dessert-like climate.
  • aruba is breezy, so there's not a bug problem.
  • aruba's motto is "one happy island."


  1. So glad, and not at all surprised that you are having fun and have settled in well on "Day one"...keep us posted!

    I was looking at the moon too, as it's fullness shone down upon Kennon's (or, "K-Man" as you like to call him)last night with Square Roots...wish we had been able to merge the two nights, can't wait to share stories.


  2. hey, julester!

    yes, merging the two nights would have meant that square roots would have been playing down here, at a beachside tiki bar...
    ...and you would have had to have been in a bikini!

  3. hey you too...
    Now that certainly would have been interesting...
    I would have liked that.

    On the way to church today I heard a Jimmy Buffet song and thought about the coconut bra thing too! It was funny and made me smile.