Thursday, February 18, 2010

1 + 1 = One

1 + 1 = One
by Eve R. Y. One

1 + 1 (expanded)
I + i (for fun)
One can't be divided, Now, when 
1 + 1 is One


* 1, divided by itself, equals One.  ..One, multiplied by HE/rSelf, = 1. ..roman numeral One is I.  ..One, multiplied by anything, equals that which it was multiplied by. ..One, divided by anything equals Its reciprocal (or, put another way, Its reflection).

* zero (or No-thing) can't be divided by anything. ..when multiplied by anything, zero equals ItSelf. ..when Nothing is added to anything, the result is the thing that was added.

one can't divide by zero

* maybe this Whole Uni-Verse is a mathematically Perfect, random, logical, chaotic, harmonic, holographic Dance of One, No-thing.

* Oneness (Nothingness) One-ing (if you will).

Light, "dancing in the dark."

* maybe the advertisements are telling the Truth (for on[c]e) when they say...

"you may have All-ready One!"


reference: click here for "earth is Heaven", which could be a reflection of eleventh Heaven.

(no. ..there is no real need for anyone to understand this thoem.)

-graphics by microsoft clipart

* to see how Nothing expresses ItSelf as everything, in ones and zeros (click here)

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  1. upon review, that "One" symbol sort-of looks like a human person.

    interestingly enough, the "O" is positioned over the lower three chakras, symbolizing the fusion of the One with the man-y.