Sunday, January 10, 2010

what is Wellness?

"Wellness" (with a Capital "W") is no-thing more than exactly who (what, where...) wIe are...

right Now.


* pencil drawing "let it slide" by john a. martineau at graphicjam... for those of us who might be a tad caught-up in the apparent experience of global freezing.


  1. Nice drawing.

    It's fascinating, the morphing of the words that seem to come...more "nondual" for you, it seems, at the moment.

    Yet when we are engaging with life, and even commenting on that engagement, that story in time is just another seamless endless moment...oneness, if ya wanna call it that.

    I've noticed that some of the writers/teachers about nondual stuff seem to come back to the playground, and give advice on how to negotiate it. I don't mean you.


    Love, Suzanne

  2. hey, suebaby!

    yeah, i tend to dabble in both worlds. Sometimes, it's ease-y to Connect with the Bliss of Oneness.

    at other times, the material world is a Perfectly fun experience (even when it isn't).

    heck, if both Games are available, why not join the Play?

    p.s. you are correct, my brother (john) is quite the artist... and it's coooooold outside! :)