Tuesday, January 5, 2010

it's All the Same

amazing art by ashley martineau

sometimes, i get the feeling that everyone -- every guru, every religion, every Spirit-master, every teacher, every parent, every learner, and every child -- is expressing the Same thing.

simultaneously, it is also possible to get caught-up in apparent differences.

at times, it appears as if there are two worlds:

1. the world of Oneness
2. the world of infinite differentiation

on the One hand, no-thing matters. ..on the other hand, every thought, emotion, word and deed co-creates a manifest chain-reaction of events, as if "I" were co-directing a Play entitled "i-eye-i".

it's a bi-polar experience, when the Nondual Knower (in each of us) sips coffee or writes a convincing essay or "makes a point." ..it's as if the All needs something to do :) (chuckle, chuckle).

-in the end, it's a very personal Game.
-in the end, it's a mirage-Game that no one can ever lose.
-in the end, it's All the Same, even as it appears wondrous-ly varietal.

it's almost comical, to observe we/youmanoids (getting caught-up in semantics on websites, newspapers, television debates and blogs). ..it's very dramatic, when our apparent humanistic differences express as romance, argument, euphoria, war, etc.

it's comforting, at the Same time, to re-Cognize that sunrise/sunset = Son. (click here)

at times, it seems to be a Perfect Game,
at times, it seems, it's All the Same

interestingly enough, a "perfect game" happens (in baseball) when one team keeps the other team from reaching base. ..by definition, a pitcher who pitches a perfect game would simultaneously pitch a complete game and simultaneously pitch a no-hitter. ..a perfect game would not be perfect -- without the illusion of a winner, a loser, and a plethera of great plays (along with several stike-outs).

* maybe... the material world is perfectly designed to keep us off-Base long enough to enjoy the illusion of infinite variety.

* maybe... matter is the very pulse of Spirit... (of It, but not All of "It").

* maybe... each of us has our own perfectly evolving perspective of It, and (while not "correct"), perfectly Perfect, all the while.

"there is absolutely nothing wrong with an ant, attempting to describe his/her Uni-Verse"
(in fact, how can s/he not Be Right?)

when we/ants want to be right, it's a hint that we might be a tad "caught-up" in the storyline..no matter, Be-Cause every speck of the All has to Be the All, and postings like this are mere expressions of That.

the fun idea that birthed this post was that the perception of "rightness" or "wrongness" says a lot more about the temporary state of the perceiver than it does about that which is being perceived.

at times, it seems to be a Perfect Game,
at times, it seems, it's All the Same

epilogue: of course, any of this could easily be debated by any master, thus perpetuating wondrous cycles of Perfectly apparent differentiation.
of course, it is wonder-full in ItSelf that wIe, apparently separate individual cells, can communicate with the apparent Collective, which just might be an extension of the One.
conclusion: talking to yourself is not problematic, unless (of course) it is.

question: what Is the One, the All, the Whole, the Omni, the Alpha and the omega; Peace, Bliss, Completeness, G∞d?


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