Friday, January 15, 2010

ice, windshields, and automobiles

ice, windshields, and automobiles
by d. f. roster

the "scraping" of windshield-ice is over-rated.

now, i don't know if anyone has ever actually rated the scraping of ice, off of a windshield, or if anyone ever will rate the scraping of ice, off of a windshield -- but if anyone ever has, or if anyone ever does -- one truth will remain constant:

the "scraping" of windshield-ice is over-rated.

under-rated: the story of a good defroster

a good defroster removes the veil of ice that obscures the view of s/he who is on the journey..this "veil of ice" is the apparently solid form of a sub-stance called h-2-oh, which can also manifest as:
  • a clear liquid
  • an In-visible gas

once the veil is removed, our (formerly) gray, dim, limited, cold world seems to transform into a world of Light, color, beauty, diversity, and infinite possibilities.

sometimes, in life, we experience pain. ..the human bodymind responds to pain by protecting us with layers (or barriers) that limit future painful experiences. ..interestingly enough, the protective shield works two ways, and, while protecting us, it restricts us from our potential Vision.

sometimes, in life, we are blessed with a good defroster. may be a friend, a book, a song, etc., but a good defroster melts away the veil between us and Reality.

in life, a good defroster can be taken for granted (until a very cold morning without one).


when we care for our defrosters...
   when we maintain our support systems...
      when we allow our defrosters to express warmth...
...and when our frosty barriers melt away...

a new experience presents itself. truth, this "new" Reality was there all along, but our subsequent "de-frosting" now allows for exquisite beauty, vibrant color, infinite possibilities and amazing daytime drama to Shine through the window.

what/who are y/our defrosters?

(and watch for the way that vibrant color erupts, as the barriers melt away)

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