Saturday, January 2, 2010


by t. h. ree and w. ishes

co-collective consciousness (a vent without a fuss)
message in a bottle (lamp or throttle?)

genie (us)

* in a world of collective confusion, maybe there's genius in mistakes.

* maybe Perfection needs flaw, in order to re-Cognize ItSelf for that which It Is.

* maybe "throttling" is a process of accelerating the re-Turn to slowing down.

* maybe our inner-genie is Perfectly Aware of our deepest wishes, and (maybe) every wish is made manifest in ways that we would never image-in.

* may-Be...


  1. As you know, Lenny, these kind of concepts are some of my favourites. We are in the utopia of multifariousness - even the denial of that is an important part of it! Let's hear it for mistakes.

  2. welcome, sue, to the co-creation of a fantastical New year!

    in this Play called "let's pretend," where even "bad things" are Good things, it's GREAT to interact with electronic Play-mates and contemplate the little TOE.

    in this Way, "mistakes" trans-form into vehicles of perspective.

    your blog posts and web-casts act as gifts to those of us who are lucky enough to unearth the dis-cover-ies.