Friday, January 1, 2010

the end

on the first of january, 2010, jim, julie and lenny witnessed his-story, in the making.

bobby bowden exited a world that he created, hoisted upon the shoulders of those who co-created it with him.
below: the final scoreboard projects the final post-game interview.

* is it possible that each of us is co-creating our own my-story?

* is this world but a re-flection of Inner Knowing, playing out a Game on the most personal of stages?

* is this One for the ages?

above and below: seminole pep rally at the landing, jacksonville florida.

above: jim and jules, wishing a wish

below: julie and len at the fountain

firehouse (subs)
below: jacksonville cork-popping ceremony

below: fsu vs. west virginia
(a Game that was [Really] more of a collaboration than a contest)

note: ticket price - over $100.00 each, but...
our easy-scalping price - $13.33 per, as we got three-for-$40.
(who would have guessed?)

below: post game festivities

note: in the end, the garnet and gold faith-full were hard-pressed to finally leave the building,
basking in every last moment of the bowden era..

may our own mystories end/begin/end in such story-book fashion.
may every moment, last.

...more pictures to follow, as they flow in...


(november, 2009)


did anyOne notice (by chance?) that bobby
won one -- on 1-1-10 


  1. I should have somehow made off with that hat!
    You are right, the pictures of Jim and I are great, we made quite a fun group did we not!!! When is our next adventure?
    I was blessed to have spent time with the two of the most chivalrous and fun gentlemen on the planet, and I am INDEED the luckiest girl in the world.

  2. the cowboy hat, or the fireman's hat?

    yes, it was a GREAT time. i am indebted to both you & jim for helping me to help honor the coach and man that is mr. bobby bowden.

    the emotion in that post-game stadium celebration was electric!

    here's to n.a.s. jax, the landing, the fountain, the fireworks, firehouse, the loop, the 'noles, and to you & jim!


    sidenote: the interaction of the fans on both sides made it seem more like a well-orchestrated event than a battle. it was a Game, in the Truest sense of the word.

  3. Now that I think about it, BOTH hats! But, I was initially speaking of the cowboy hat.

    I think that it could not have been a more perfect initiation for me into college football, and you are so right about the positive emotion swirling around in that could not have been more gracious and honorable to a fine man and obviously storied career in football coaching. The young people were so poised all around around us and I was so proud of everyone!

    My list of firsts is ever growing!!!


  4. hey, jewels!

    i go back to this post, from time to time, and i play the slideshow, and listen to the music, and simultaneously scroll through the pictures, and think of endings & beginnings.

    mostly, though, i re-Member you, jim and i, laughing, trash-talking, playing the role of "fan," and doing simple things (like making a wish at the fountain).

    these are the most important times in life, i'd wager: the present Now-moments spent in CommUnion with friends/family.

    it's explosive!

    thank you. thanks to jim. and thanks to bobby bowden, who was the catalyst for oh, so many Now moments for so many people.


  5. dear julie,

    it is Now march 24th, and this post has me getting all-kinds of senti-mental -- all over again.

    new and amazing adventures ARE being planned (asheville, seattle, oregon, alaska, destin, steinhatchee, gaston college...), and the slide-show is about to begin!

  6. My Dear Lenny,

    Each day that has gone by since then I have thought myself luckier and luckier...

    Let the slide show begin, I can't wait!
    Thanks for reminding me and making ME all senti-mental as well.