Thursday, January 7, 2010

the charlie brown tree

the "charlie brown tree" (to me, anyway) symbolizes a choice in perspective.

it can be perceived as Perfect or imperfect, and that perception says a lot more about the perceiver's present state than it could ever say about the tree itself.

the tree simply is.

of note:

* symbolically, the bulb's shape (circular-ish) can represent Perfection, Wholeness, etc.

* symbolically, the tree/bulb combination can re-present the marriage/mirage of nature and technology (which is [technically speaking] no-thing more than an extended outcropping of Nature).


* symbolically, the fragile tree is supported by a base, which is made up of simliar material, connected in opposite directions.

* symbolically, the colors of the bulb and snow/sky re-present ideas of warmth and cold.

* symbolically, in the charie brown cartoon/move-ie, "love" is what brought the tree to life.

Love expresses HE/rSelf as life.

Love Is Life.



* awesome artwork: "charile brown tree" created (then photographed, then photoshopped) by clare dunn, 2010.
* piece-full picture: "charlie brown tree" by lenny, tallahassee, florida; circa de 1994.
* wonderful watercolor: "charlie brown tree" by clare dunn, 2002?

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