Monday, December 7, 2009

the Ultimate ConSpiracy theory

the Ultimate ConSpiracy theory (U.C.t.)
by i. m. littletoe, sponsored by TOE

definition: conspiracy
  • con = with
  • spire = breathe
    • to conspire is to breathe, together
"we're All in on it"

1. everything is Spirit (non-matter)

2. Spirit (the All) "forms" into form -- for the Soul purpose of Being what It Is not, in order to under-stand ItSelf.

3. basically, it's the All, asking and answering the Ultimate Question/Knowing:

"who Am I ? I Am"

(butterfly pics by clare dunn)


* to "understand" is to stand under, or to see the smaller pictures that make up the Big picture.

* the serial question"who am i?" (the most reflective of all human questions) -- is but a backwards reflection of  its own answer:

"I Am."

* in the Ultimate of ConSpiracies, maybe we got it backwards.

* i. m. littletoe (this thoem's author) represents but a small part of a Unified Whole.  ..the human body is not the little toe, but the human body would be nothing if not for the sum of its parts. a sense, then, the toe is inextricably connected with its Source.

* "TOE" stands for the "theory of everything," which is the method by which very smart quantum scientists look at the very small pieces of matter while simultaneously missing out on the Big picture (that No-thing matters Be-cause matter itself is an illusion, of sorts). 

superstring theory (and other sub-atomic energy theories) use prostheses of limited senses to "determine" that which is Beyond the senses. ..whaaaaa???'s like a catterpillar, teaching you how to spread your wings and fly, based upon his lifelong experience of crawling.

UCt is the Untimate ConSpiracy, designed to keep us here (apparently separate) long enough to get a perspective on That which can neither be perceived nor conceived.

-the Beginning?

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