Sunday, December 13, 2009


by miss understood

caterpillar, Butterfly
paradoxic pinch
Love or hate (or) re-Create, it's chance or fate with


* maybe each of us has the capacity to Love or fear, and maybe each of us is waiting for an opportunity to come out and Play...maybe you are the keeper of the sandbox. ..maybe you are the cocoon...
* imagine if YOU are the 100th-monkey,
....imagine if YOU are the last straw,
.....imagine if YOU are the One to turn the tide,
.......imagine if YOU decide...

* imagine if it's True... that the Uni-Verse is waiting on YOU.

* imagine if... in a pinch, you're the One: transform the grinch.

this thoem is dedicated to cindy-loo who (who was only but two), but decided to take matter(s) into her own hands -- in order to trans-form his-story.



  1. hey, julie!

    i like it too :)

    "miss understood" seems to be saying that grinches and butterflies serve us, by showing us the ease of exponential transformation.

    while politicians debate over how to transform nations, maybe True change happens at the level of each, human heart.