Wednesday, December 30, 2009

temporarily out of blogginess

lenny has been been traveling (destin, tampa, florida keys) and has not had the opportunity to blog.  today, the adventure continues (to jacksonville, florida) -- in order to celebrate new year's eve 2009 and to attempt to scalp our way into the gator bowl, which will be coach bobby bowden's last game at the helm of florida state.

see ya in 2010!

below: some pictures from the florida keys
  • hemingway house
  • key west lighthouse
  • willy and jim (sunset)
  • pelicans
  • blue heaven
  • etc.

above: bar of gold

below: not so hidden treasures

above: the conch shell at sloppy's is prepared to welcome 2010


  1. Hey Lenny, Happy New Year. I'm in South Bend and my hubbie and son are going to watch some Notre Dame basketball tonight and guess what - they're playing the Providence Friars and the Irish are going to KICK THEIR ASS!!!!!

    The verification word is "poxenpon". A poxenpon the Friars! Nyahh!

  2. hey, sue!

    go irish! :)

    who won?

    check out the link (below) for a great story about providence college.

    let's make it a FANTASTIC new year!

    brothah len

  3. We kicked the Friars butts, of course, but according to my grandpa, not by enough!