Wednesday, December 9, 2009

practical Intuition

this morning, the Meta-Physical world opened-up and re-vealed Perfect Perfection.

a combination of events (coupled with an Abraham-Hicks audio) shed increased Light on the following:

1. we can... All-ways get what we want. fact, we cannot not.

2. the Game is Perfectly designed, so that even "bad" things result in Good things.

3. Paying Attention (to feelings) provides us with all of the information we'll ever need, and flowing with that which (really) makes us feel Good will All-ways create more situations where we'll have more opportunities to feel more Good.

It's All Good!
(and there's no way around the All)

1 comment:

  1. ...and the second that i wrote "bad" things are "Good" things, my day took a turn for the worse...

    ...if only to test my own belief in these bloggings...

    Uni-Verse 1, lenny 0

    (but it ain't over, yet, baby!)