Thursday, December 3, 2009

over, done

over, done

by e. n. dings and B. E. Ginnings

end of term (re-tired)
watch the setting (sun)
end of playing games Be-cause the end is

over, done


* is has been said that scorpios are obsessed with the afterlife: death, transition, endings/beginnings.

* retirement doesn't have to coincide with being tired, unless re-tired means "ready to roll" again.

* in a time when we hear of loved ones, dying... in a time when i witness my own parents, aging... in a time when global-economic doomsday forecasters speak of "endings"...

...maybe an apparent ending can be the springboard of Be-ginnings.

* maybe "over, done" can be thought of as the end of restrictions.

* maybe "playing the game" is what we do (here), in order to take our attention away from Reality, Here.

watercolor: "overdunn" by clare dunn

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