Tuesday, December 1, 2009

oooops, we did it again!

i got back into town today (at about 3:30), led a ssswweeeet yoga class at 5:30, and just (finally) got a chance to post this quick note:

the 2009 martineau family gift exchange saw another year of personalized
Love, Creativity, Fun, and Family-oriented good humor. 

i'll try to post some of the gift pictures soon, and will add new pictures as you send them to me, via e-mail.

below: family picture (2009)

below: some of the gifts, on display (click on the pic to enlarge)

we had pencil drawings, baked goods, wood-burnt art, ceramics, hand-caved dolphins, paintings,
a home-built guitar, family calendars, picture collages, a sewing kit, journals, acrylic art, a video...
...and too much more to mention or recall (at the moment).

* the home-made gift (top of this post) is a "lazy susan," hand-painted by ashley (for lenny).  ..it showcases and embraces the mind-body-Spirit theme of wellnesseducation.us by using a circle to depict WholeIstic, Uni-Verse-All synergy, in all of Its Perfectly color-full splendor.

ashley was also able to capture several of the wIe mantras:

* we won Be-Cause We, One
* Be Happy Now!
* Love, Love, Love
* Peace
* It's All Good
* etc., etc.

as you can imagine, receiving this thought-full, personalized gift brought tears to my eyes, and it will continue to do so -- for years to come.

thanks, ash!


* note: this post (originally posted 11-29-09) was moved into the month of december, so it would show up in the margin on the left of the blogger page.


  1. shaliseoooops, we OUT-did ourselves again!!!

    When 38 'neau's gather, the effect can be measured in decibels that go off the scale. We broke the record this year, I think.

    Thank you, everyone, for such a great time! James and Brian ...excellent work on the video, and on the organization of the event itself. Ashley...kudos for facilitating entry to the affair!

    Special thanks to Laura, who worked harder than anyone at set-up and clean-up, and was the designated "Family Photographer". You are the BEST!

    Thank you, Rob, for the beautiful ceramic tray with "my babies" pictures on it! I absolutely adore it!! And you.

    Thank you, Donna, for all the hard work and research that went into the FANTASTIC drawing of Jerry in his high-school football uniform!!! Incredible talent, Sis! He has already hung it in a place of honor on our family photo wall.

    And, WOW, the vittles were terrific this year! Good cookin', y'all!

    Every gift was beautiful, every child was a delight, every minute of the day was a joy.

    Thank you, family...We love you!!!

    xoxoxo, clare and jerry

  2. hi, clare!

    please send pictures!!
    thanks for everything!!!

    Love, lenny

  3. All my 2009 Gift Exchange photos are online!!



    ~ Ashley

  4. ashley,

    it is impossible to put into words... just how meaning-full your gift was.

    right up there with breaking & entering (but those pictures will be sent to you & brian, and the story will never be told [on this blog, anyway]).

    4, 2, "8" and 0!

    GREAT time,