Friday, December 11, 2009

Now, your sins are For-Given

Now, your sins are For-Given (1)

Now, your sins are For-Given” a soft voice said to me
they are a flicker of illusion in your memory

the best that you could do

Now, your sins are For-Given” my pencil says to you
in every moment, you have done the best that you could do

(1) martino, j. (1-6.9-2004). book 26: twelve-sided mirror. © 2009 modified 12-9-09.

assumption: “Love” is G∞d

1. in a Uni-Verse of Love, the experience of Love would be the ultimate experience. has been said that Forgiveness is the Highest form of Love that can be experienced, here on the physical plane.

2. by expressing (Give-ing) Love, we experience (or re-ceive) It.

3. sins = mistakes

4. mistakes provide others with the opportunity to For-give, thereby offering others the opportunity to experience the Highest form of Love. 

a "mis-take" is a Present of Love, in the present moment.

5. sins are no-thing more than love, backwards:
.......sins are (in effect) a cry for love
..........sins are but a a backwards re-flection of Love, Love-ing.
.............sins are (All-ready) For-Given, Be-Cause they never existed in the First Place.

-the beginningendingbeginningendingbeginning

* this thoem wrote itself 2004, but is re-surrected now, in a time where it appears as if "confessing the sins of others" is in vogue. ..the thoem itself is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too deeeeeeep to even describe, so it just is what it is.

* the picture, above, is entitled "See-gulls, Be-ing" (santa rosa beach, fl., 2006)


  1. Thanks...I needed to hear that, it makes those crazy decisions not seem so bad. After all, they got me here, did they not...and "here" is somewhere I really, really like. And I am in appreciation for the reminder that it was as easy as a thought to simply wipe it away and move, ever so effortlessly, into something so beautiful.

  2. the concept is soooooooooooo cool.

    if we can really, Really ForGive, we simultaneously purge all of our negative emotions (guilt, shame, blame, criticism, anger, anxiety, etc.).

    fear, like an illusory shadow, literally fades away (when brought to the Light of Love).

    your insight ("it was as easy as a thought") paves the way for all of us to experience beauty and forego the alternative.

    thanks, jules!

  3. chuckle:

    in a world of apparent separation and the illusion of imperfection, that See-gull picture is picture-Perfect.

  4. the Thanks and the Love to you as well my dear Lenny...


  5. Malicious intent aside - BIG mistake that one - lovely concepts, Lenny.

  6. hey, sue!

    yes, yes, yes... this For-Give-ness theme is like a re-curring Dream, so expect more and more and more on the topic :)