Tuesday, December 8, 2009


by lions and tigers and tears (oh, my!)

sue skipped church on son-day
stud-y cheated (test)
ozzy kissed the femailman and then ran home (to rest)
sunset woke at crack of dawn while seer died at see
pick and choose and spread the news (confused):

12-7-09 by joal martino

* in a world where privacy and confidentiality give way to a media that preys on the misfortune of others, people are actually paid money to gossip and intentionally inflict pain -- under the guise of "absence of malice."

* media then creates the news, having hoodwinked everyone into thinking that "the public" has an interest in it.

* viewers, then, are able to disassociate from their own "transgressions" as they focus on the misfortune (or extreme fortune) of others. ..it's ego, feeding ego. ..it's apparent separation, breeding separation.

* growing up, it was a given that one doesn't feel better by airing someone else's dirty laundry.
..times, however, appear to have changed.

here's the ticket: if we don't watch it, or read it, or (in some way) pay for it, then our minds won't be inundated by its toxic sludge. 

we control the remote.

even though the world of ozz is just a dream, we do have a say -- regarding the progression/expression of that dream as relative reality.

-the middle

it is interesting -- on the one hand Spiritual Logic Knows that avoiding bad news and gossip will facilitate Higher Level Wellness, but ego keeps getting drawn into the drama.

is ego stronger than Spirit? ..not hardly. ..it's more likely that the magical mystory tour called "life" is designed to keep us locked onto the virtual-reality roller-coaster for a tiny tic of no-time, knowing that Knowingness would never, ever fall for the chills and spills that appear on the dumbo-tron.

the Game is designed to Be-li(e)ve-able, and the special effects are out of this world.


below: two of the greatest movie clips of all time (long, but well worth it):

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  1. this whole thoem manifested from the line "seer died at see."