Friday, December 4, 2009

mother earth is going to be just fine...

...uh, eventually.

life (as we know it), on the other hand... uhhhhhh...

(...tic toc, tic toc, tic toc...)

note: re-cycling, well... just Is!
(who knows? ..maybe "wIe" are what's Be-ing re-Cycled)

if you read the headlines, it appears as if human beings are affecting the inevitable. ..doomsday forecasters, however, prey on the erroneous idea that humanity needs to "survive" or "be saved." 

once we let go of that idea, it might become a tad easier to observe this earth-bound process with an "oooooooooooo, ahhhhhhhhhhh" fireworks-display mentality.

this is not to say that we should not attempt to care for our mother earth while living in harmony with her natural cycles. is to say that the human ego (natually) places a very high value on "us," when (in Reality) we are just a small part of the flowing, Uni-Verse-All tapestry.

in times of dramatic change, the keys to Happiness/In-Joy-ment will be pretty much the same as they are right now:

* Gratitude, for being able to Play (in the first place)
* re-Lease (of expectations, needs, attachments)
* For-Give-ness (of self, as well as all others)
* Love

the beauty of these "keys to Happiness" rests in the fact that we can practice them Now. ..we don't have to wait until the polar caps melt (creating a global-warming ice age of biblical proportions).  ..the keys are free, they work immediately, and can be practiced at any-time by any-one.

in a pinch, we can also practice the "half-smile phenomenon," as described in the link (below):

click here for the half-smile phenomenon

* picture "tic toc" taken a little over a year ago, in queensland, n.z.

* definition: "eventually" (event-u-ally). ..when "u" (us) ally (or align) with y/our events. ..event-u-ally.

think about it... :)


  1. No matter if we survive this particular apparent crisis...there will always be another challenge on the table. That is the spice of life.

  2. hey, sue!

    history seems to show that there have always been challenges and doomsday forecasts, followed by resolutions, fun, challenges and doomsday forecasts.

    this seems to happen on an individual level as well as a global scale, so maybe there's something to learn from that.

    who knows? maybe the trick to enjoying the spices is to slooooow down and really pay attention to the flavor of the present moment!

    if glooming & dooming is looming as mother earth is cooling/warming, maybe it's time to kick back and savor a sunrise or two.