Sunday, December 20, 2009

hidden treasures

hidden treasures

by u. n. earthing

talk of hidden treasures
walk along the sea
find that hidden treasures are the times of you and me
analysis and commentary:

hidden treasures” is the title thoem of a book written in 2008. ..coincidentally, it is also the name of a home-made boat/bar (“g-willy’s hidden treasures”) in the vicinity of tampa, florida.

the idea is that our True treasures are our Loving moments, and our Loving moments are manifested from in-side of ourselves.

although these treasures are free, accessible, and abundant, they prove difficult to find. ..“finding,” of course, mistakenly assumes that the treasure is somehow lost. ..the Truth is that our treasures are not “hidden,” but overlooked. being readily available, Loving moments are often taken for granted.

we can unearth a buried treasure right Now, simply by communicating Love. ..whether we decide to give a compliment, write a note, or simply send a Loving thoughtwe have the power to re-Lease that which, before now, seemed to be hidden.

* picture taken from a walkway/bridge over "old 98," sandestin, florida (2006).


  1. And all this time I thought the hidden treasures were just different small trinkets hidden from sight in Willy's bar that did not add up to more than 10 bucks.

    It is hard to tell by this picture that we are freezing our butts off in Tampa this x-mas. Luckily we have warm hearts to warm our souls and this picture to remind us it will soon be warm again. After all we live in the best place in the world..FLORIDA! I am so looking forward to a wonderful x-mas. May you all have a great one. Friends, Family and our Traditions make it so. The 30 pounds of crab doesn't hurt either.

  2. mid-70's today in tampa (on Christmas eve, no less!).

    the sun is out, right now.

    goooooood time at G-Willy's (Hidden Treasures) yesterday, and pictures will follow!

    merry Christmas, and happy holidays to those who celebrate other traditions.

  3. actually, 78 degrees.


    santa, who has already jogged in destin, florida, might find his way to tampa, today.