Thursday, December 17, 2009

"i gotta go where it's warm" a line from one of jimmy buffett's songs.

currently... the warmest weather in the continental u.s. is from ft. meyers, florida, south (to the keys). ..there's a fast ferry that can get you from there to there (below).

from dec 26-29, the boys (jim, willy, lenny) have a 3 br. cabin at the naval air station key west, and it looks like divin', fishin', and an occasional adult beverage might be on the agenda. ..judy just gave willy his 3-day pass...

this year, outlaw pete will be home in new jersey (shoveling snow instead of snorkeling), but at least he gets to hang out with his gal, so it's all good.

blue heaven, here we come!


  1. Judy will always give Willy a 3 day pass unless you all give her a reason not to. I trust you will not give her this reason. Have a blast and remember pay backs are.... well you know the rest. As long as the first toast of the night is to the ladies in Tampa, nothing else matters other than that you return home safely.

  2. thanks, judy :)

    not only WOULD we not give you a reason to, but we COULD not, either.
    see you in a couple of days...

  3. Judy, Willy, Jim, Jean, and Len!
    Merry Christmas from a white NJ! We had 18 inches last Saturday night. It was actually pretty nice! So indeed the shoveling snow part was correct. You guys have a HOWL in Key West. Willy, I trust you will keep the fishing contest streak alive without me bro! Len, try not to throw water on the chinchilla this year! LOL! Happy New Year all!