Sunday, December 6, 2009

global cooling/warming

global cooling/warming

by idont hava clue

global cooling/warming (is it just a gore-y trend?)
energy is form-ing (in a Game of Let's Pretend)

* this week the globe is warming, but next week we'll hear of a potential ice age -- one that could erupt in a matter of months.

* one source says that eggs are "bad" for you, and the next source says that eggs are "one of the most power-packed, healthy, nutritious foods on the planet."

a dairy expert says "drink milk for healthy bones," while a vegan scientist reveals that "milk actually causes osteoporosis."

worse yet, these arguments are (literally) one click away from each other -- on the primary human information network.

what's a human (Be-ing) to do???


* if history has shown one consistent trend, it's that man has been, uhhhh, consistently wrong. ..then, man goes about the process of figuring out what's right (well, kinda).

* scientists, doctors, seers, prophets, bloggers...

* none of them can hold a candle to you, and your beliefs., yes you -- the most important information decoder in your YOUniVerse.

* you: a constantly changing, evolving, blossoming flower.


maybe... scientists and witch-doctors are crazies (sort-of like that lunatic in the mirror... oooops).

maybe the key to one's future lies in one's own thoughts, Now.

in any event, y/our thoughts (Now) determine how you feel, Now.

* in a world where most of what we "know" is based upon what other people say, write and project... maybe it's time to trust our own intuitive Knowingness.

* i can't tell anyone anything about what's going to happen tomorrow. ..i can relate, however, that i've seen a lot of pollution (during my travels).  ..i can also state that a lot of it was from plastic, wrappings, styrofoam, and other man-made substances that are not bio-degradable. ..where does all of the stuff -- all of the garbage that we throw away... where does it all go?


* just about anyone who takes a walk outside would admit that nature does a better job than man (when it comes to beauty, harmony and ease).

note: this post began with some kind of theme/idea, but then got wrapped-around itself and abruptly ended. may end up as one of the many, many posts and thoems that you will never ever see, simply be-cause it never clicked.

-the end

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