Friday, December 18, 2009

the future is bright

extremely bright, in fact.

so there.
(...or was that "here"?)

in the face of bad news, in the face of the doomsdayers, in the face of negativity, there exists one Truth -- a Truth that we can test out anytime, on our own, for free.

the brightness of our Now thoughts/words/deeds affect how we feel...
(b-right Now).

"b-right Now" will result in faaaaaaaaaaaaaar a better future than the alternative.

not convinced? ..Good!  ..don't believe anyone who espouses anything. ..let's do what we do best: test this theory out, our-selves, and See (for y/ourself).

suggested tests (but only if there's a True desire to feel better, Now).

note: prior to any one of the suggestions (below),
 rate "how i feel" on a scale from 1-10.
quickly think back to a fleeting moment that could be rated "5" or less
(but just use that as a reference).


2. give someone a heartfelt compliment, b-right Now.

3. re-Member one of y/our greatest experiences, with Gratitude..let's do it Now.

4. take a slow, deep breath of air, B-right Now.

5. laugh about the magic of being able to communicate like this (we can read!).  ..for thousands of years, humans were unable to communicate in the ways that we can, Now.

certainly, each of us can come up with several other suggestions that can improve our state and help us feel better, Now.

what are y/our suggestions?


  1. This post is yet another in a long, long list of reasons of just why I am so lucky that it was ME giving that tour to those massage students that Friday afternoon back in September...
    And yes, EXTREMELY bright indeed!

    I am feeling pretty close to a "10" today even though I am missing someone quite terribly!


  2. thanks, jules!

    and merry Christmas!

    who would have guessed that "missing" would be associated with Goodness?

    begin thinking "go 'noles" and prepare your right arm for some tomohawk-chopping in a few days.