Wednesday, November 11, 2009

wIe One

wIe One

pronounced "we won" ...but with a very different meaning.

(and that's all one has to say, about that)

* fabulous acrylic art by cheryl huntley (my niece)


  1. Awwa, thanks for posting this! It's my fav so far! =)
    Love you!!!!!

  2. cheryl,

    i LOVED this piece, the second that i saw it on your facebook page.

    your painting (for me, anyway) embraces the notion of duality, dual-ing away -- but withIn a Higher Level (Oneness).

    kind of like yin/yang, on steroids. :)

    twin-flame birds, the sun, a tree... themes of life and Love and natural cycles...

    Love, len

  3. Cheryl!


    I really like this one. Simple, yet full of meaning. (and the colors are perfect).

    Love you!
    xoxoxo, auntie c

  4. This a very beautiful piece...I love it!
    Acrylics are one of my favorite mediums, because there is so much depth of color and texture as well.

    It would look very lovely as a postcard too!

    The theme I find interesting also, because as Len says, it does indeed embrace the idea of duality and the "twin-flame" theory...but what I like most is that it is done in a color scheme that is NOT usually associated that particular idea...not the reds, purples etc. that would normally represent the heart/or crown charkras even. It is much more relaxed and earth-centered with a calmness and "ease".

    So...where does thise lovely piece reside now Cheryl??
    Inquiring minds and all that...


  5. yes, Yes, YES!

    it just keeps drawing you back in... getting more and more powerful, yet more and more delicate, with every viewing.

    cheryl: relax... close your eyes... breathe, and repeat this simple, three word mantra:
    "gift exchange lenny."


  6. Thanks for all the compliments!!! This one I did for a friend that just got married, but I'm hoping to one day have an etsy page so I can sell them. We shall see, but if anyone wants one before that, let me know and I'll see what I can do! And LOL Uncle Len!
    Much Love!