Thursday, November 5, 2009

what is It All about?

for moi, it's about e-mails like the one below, sent by an angel/student/teacher named Selena.

-------------------------------------11:52 a.m., 11-5-09----------------------------------------

To: Lenny
From: Selena
Subject: Zen Thai Greetings!

Hi Lenny! ..I hope you remember me from class! ..I just wanted to write and share something very special with you! ..As soon as I got home I started really promoting thai massage at my job and offered a special deal for October. ..I was booked solid all but 2 days that month which was amazing!!! ..But the cool story is what happened this past weekend...

I have a client (name omitted for confidentiality) that comes in every two weeks for a massage. ..He has multiple sclerosis and a degenerative hip. ..He can't take a lot of pressure and walks with a really really slow limp. ..I finally convinced him to try a thai which we did on Halloween. ..I finished the massage and told him to take his time sitting up while I poured him water. ..He was completely silent which is not like him. ..So I asked, "how was the massage? ..What did you think?" ..And he said, "It was good..." really slowly.

So I was pretty sure he hated it and I said, "oh ok but you prefer a traditional massage to thai?" and he said......slowly in disbelief..."..Selena, i Haven't been able to feel my left leg in over 2 years. ..That's why I limp and I have a hard time exercising because I can't feel what my left leg is doing. ..But during this massage the feeling just came back."

!!!!!!!! Oh happy happy joy joy. ..What a miracle that was to hear something like that and what encouragement as to why I do what I do. ..I just had to share that Lenny with you because I thought it was so amazing. ..Thank you for being a wonderful teacher and giving me the oppurtunity to learn thai massage!

Have a wonderful week!


above: selena and simon
click here for pictures of selena (with class) in costa rica, september, 2009


  1. quite!

    hi, no one!
    they do all the work, and lennego gets credit!

    no (all seriousness aside), i'm always amazed by the stories that my student/teachers have for me, in this wonder-full world of massage & wellness.
    i'm sure that you've experienced these kinds of things in your line of work.

    the unfolding story is One, magical roller-coaster ride!


  2. My "line of work" is raising my family; and yes, the miracles abound.

  3. hey, sue!

    your (blog, etc.) insights provide miraculous ways for others to peek at this wild world of ours, and i thank you for that.