Monday, November 23, 2009


have you ever had one of those days, when the whole thing seemed to be passing you by (like you were inside of a movie)?

when things just felt "weird"?

this afternoon, it was cloudy, windy and cold -- on the edge of rain, but not raining. the car, it felt as if my peripheral vision was a bit off, and then...

* i drove past this guy with a leaf-blower, who was blowing leaves onto the road, while the traffic/wind was blowing the leaves back onto the spot that he was blowing leaves off of. (weird

i've always thought that leaf blowers were the ultimate example of using noisy technology to destroy the natural order of things -- but to see a man use a destructive machine uselessly...


* on a giant billboard (485 northbound), santa was chugging a coca-cola. ..and i mean he had the bottle turned upside down!, i've never been an advocate of propagating the santa story (to innocent kids), but it seemed weird to be using santa to advertise a product (especially soda).  ..shouldn't santa be copyrighted or something? ..can you imagine what else he's going to be advertising in the future?


* i got passed (on the right) by one of those giant motor-homes, the kind that is bigger than a greyhound bus -- and the motor-home was trailing a 30-ft long storage unit. (weird) ..can you imagine what was stored in this giant box, being pulled by a home?

granted, granted... these are little things... weird little things...

but for some reason, today, they gave me a feeling of foreboding doom. ..for those of you who have my phone number, please call me tonight (on this night of weirdness).

lenny needs a positive pep talk.


  1. It's all free-fall, Lenny, just DEAL with it Dude!

  2. Hmmmm .... if you need a pep talk, then I probably shouldn't tell you that, according to the "world of coke" people in Atlanta, GA, Santa Clause used to wear blue. Until the coke people got ahold of him. Now it is nothing but red and white. sigh.

    On days like these, you have to have a hankering for the positive side - you can't just think about it somewhere floating in your head, you have to crave it.

    The good news is that people are endlessly interest-ing (i mean really, even though I am with you that it is evil, it takes a pretty creative brain to dress santa in red and white to make the association); the down side is that it is sometimes hard to be endlessly interest-ed. I'm not sure I'm interested in knowing that some people have such bent brains.

  3. thanks, anonymous!

    luckily (por moi), the dark days have been few & far between.

    is it true that this year's sleigh will be called the "goodyear sleigh," and that the reindeer will be sporting nike headbands?

    will bell telephone provide the latest jingle? :)

  4. thanks, no one.

    the good thing about a free-fall... is that it's free.

  5. and thanks to those of you who called and sent e-mails.

    luckily, it (the weirdness) was only temporary insanity.