Tuesday, November 17, 2009

raiders of the lost hot seat

it's never too early to think about the annual, world famous martineau gift exchange.

last year's celebration included a pre-Gift Exchange video, entitled
"raiders of the lost hot seat."

the video was configured (primarily) by two individuals who prefer to remain nameless, for the moment. ..expect a few cameo appearances by harrison ford, starring as albert martineau.

GE-2008: the recovered hot seat gets warmed-up.

"raiders of the lost hotseat" is a 4 minute, 53 second video that begins slowly and ends abruptly, echoing the human condition. ..the real story (however) is all about the hot seat. ..in the video, the hot seat must be recovered, and our gallant hero (albert/harrison/james) is the man who must risk his life, once again, for 'neau good reason.

the setting is a tiny state called "rhode island" (even though it's really not). ..you'll note that the journey is seldom direct, nor is it ever easy. ..you'll become captivated by the stimulating sub-plot, that "when the going gets tough, the tough go to dunkin' donuts."


you'll be provided with insight as to how our hero locates the hot seat, using the treasured martineaupoly gameboard. ..you'll get a bird's-eye view of the dangers associated with the pursuit of both treasure and pleasure. ..you'll also be re-minded of how a rolling stone can be chased-down by a rolling rock.

oh, 'neau!

the climax of the video will have you clinging onto your seat, wondering if our hero is ever going to make it back Home (to the no-place that he never [Really] left).


you'll be asking yourself "what just happened?" and you'll understand why 'neau time is as good a time as any, to simply sit back, relax... and do 'neau-thing.

:) below is just a trailer of the "directors cut." ..for the real thing, you'll have to be near al & jo's house, providence, r.i. this thanksgiving. ..below, in the space provided, type in the password "hotseat" -- but only if you are a friend/family member -- and, if you can handle the excitement.


for more on the history of the hot seat, and for more than you'd ever want to 'neau about the martineau Gift Exchange, click on the links, below:

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  1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the trailer for "Albert Martineau and the Raiders of the Lost Hotseat" and CANNOT WAIT for the movie to come out!!!!!

    Of course, I clicked on everything in this post and re-lived "G.E's Past". It certainly made my morning!

    I am usually one of the "I'm finished with my project" face-rubbers"...but alas...this year it'll be down to the wire, I fear!

    Only 87 days to go!!! Yikes!!!

    xoxoxo, cd

  2. yes, clare...

    i, like you, am looking forward to the "director's cut."

    i, like you, am behind on my GE-2009 gift.

    my flight is booked, and down to the wire, we go!

    love & smiles,