Friday, November 27, 2009


what most shoppers know as "black friday," the martineaus know as Gift Exchange eve.'s when all of the little boys and girls make final preparations for the gift Exchange.

last year, i actually requested a gift. ..i told donna to inform the person who had my name that i wanted a sign that would read "hidden treasures." the Spirit of giving, i'd already decided that this gift would be given to my buddy/brother willy, who was putting his beginning/finishing touches on a minibar called "g-willy's hidden treaures," or "hidden treasures" for short.  ..i'd composed a book with the same title, and presented them to willy on Christmas 08.

my nephew, nick, made the fantastic wood burnt sign (above), and this sign proudly welcomes the world to willy's boat/bar.

when you can sprinkle your personal "possessions" amongst your friends/family, you find that "home" is (Really) everywhere.

here's to your hidden treasures, buried in a place not so far away...


  1. Yes, and G-Willy's Hidden Treasures is collecting a treasure chest of fond memories. We celebrated it's official opening on Labor Day and just finished our first Thanksgiving Dinner at the boatbar with family and friends that are family as well (Grandma, Grandpa, Jean, and JC), We added a "swing the metal ring onto the hook" game seen at all the other atmosphere filled berverage establishments (Duffy's Tavern in NK,Hooters in Port Ritchie). Grandpa goes in the record books as the first to get a point but Abby wins the first game! Best Wishes to All and May we all continue to make our own fine Memory Treasures. Aloha, Willy and the Girls

  2. can't wait to visit at Christmas (and then again, at gasparilla!)

    "hidden treasures" proves (yet again) that we've had the right map, all along!

    here's to the continuing adventure!