Monday, November 9, 2009

Perfect Playground

Perfect Playground
by miss t. aken and her mirror, i. m. perfect

there lies a Perfect Playground (sky, mountain, water, tree)
and in that Perfect Playground lies the dance of you and me


Everything, and any thing, divided by One = itself
everything, multiplied by One = Itself

I/i = 1 = One

conclusion (?): in a Perfectly Perfect Uni-Verse, "I Am" could divide Itself into infinite particularizations (or mini-me's), which would apparently multiply or extend or express them-selves as "i am," thereby experience-sing sense-ations, drama, roller-coaster rides, and Love.

in other words, One "All" could experience Itself, Is-ing (or, Be-ing) by do-Be-doing.

conclusion: God must have invented muse-ic.

* picture of santa rosa beach, near destin, florida by l. martineau (one of my favorite photos of all time)

* title of this thoem inSpired by no one in particular (comment #25, november 6th)

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  1. Wow...this looks oddly familiar, almost like it was something I dreamt of last week??
    And I generally don't "see" things, it is almost always more of a "feeling" with me...but clearly I have "seen" this place before!
    It is absolutely beautiful...I want to get in the water and immerse myself in the vastness of the ocean immediately. Sometimes I wonder how it is that I have lived the whole of my life this far from the sea!
    Thank you once again for sharing your words and vision...


  2. hi, julie!

    there is definitely a feeling about destin (although the place has been overrun by humanoids in recent years).

    there's even a place called "destiny."

    florida's northwest (gulf) coast has beaches that are as beautiful as any on the planet.

    :) len