Tuesday, November 10, 2009

a muse-ment park


by i. am and u. sing

if i am... while you sing, then (together), we are amusing.

if amusment parks are playgrounds...
if the Uni-Verse is One Song...
if Harmonic Universal Vibrations slow down, so that Non-matter can materialize...
if "slowing down" is the (reflective) way that humans experience Higher Frequency vibrations...
if park-ing entails a journey, outside of the vehicle...
if matter is (in Reality) Spirit, and

if Spirit is Here, on a matter-i-all-is-tic journey (of space and time), then (maybe) All of thIs is a Perfect Playground -- with relative tendencies toward sense-ation-all enter-ain't-ment.

* musings: thoughts, especially when aimless, ambiguous and unsystematic.

* muse-ment: the act of musing.

* park: to stop the vehicle and leave it, while you go an do something else.  ..does "form" = Spirit, parked?

* park: a place where one goes to engage, to experience, to re-lease and (when given the chance) to ride the rides.

* dance-sing: expressing, processing, live-ing, learning, do-Be-doing, etc.


  • are you the star, in your own sit-calm
  • are you the survivor of your own reality tell-a-vision show? 
  • are you an actor, in your own Play
  • is your life "virtual reality"? 
  • have you ever played games (monopoly, life, charades, tag, hide and seek, clue, or [our favorite] let's pretend)?
  • have you ever confused the Be-ginning with the end?

 are all of these... clues?

* magnificent water/color ("hawaii sunset") by clare dunn


  1. Interesting "musing" as always, Len. But I must comment on Clare's watercolor.

    I LOVE IT, Clare!!!


  2. rj!

    can i (please) echo your compliment about "hawaii sunset"?

    clare's painting gives new meaning to the term:

    "water, color"

    :) lenny

  3. Awww...youse guys are just too nice.

    Thank you for the love!

    Hugs and more, back...

    xoxoxo, me