Monday, November 9, 2009

king dome

a couple of quick pics from "the dome home," rented (and enjoyed) on november 6th, 7th & 8th -- in the blue ridge mountains, near busick, n.c.

above & below: while jean had the first floor, lenny went for the (upstairs) loft


  1. WOW...nice place!!!!!

    Some folks just KNOW HOW TO LIVE!!!

    Glad you had a good Weekend!

    xoxoxo, me

  2. you'd LOVE it!

    the fireplace was put to use every night, the weather was Perfect every day, asheville is the Happiest city in america (along with being a brewpub haven)...

    ...batcave, chimney rock and lake lure need to experienced firsthand, as pictures do them absolutely no justice.

    jean says "hi," and she's driving back to tampa as this comment is being written.

    Love, len

  3. It was perfect! It felt so good to experience fall in the mountains. I so needed that. Thanks Len for finding such a great place. Clare, you have to join us next year. We're thinking closer to Bat Cave, Chimney Rock and Lake Lure. Chimney Rock had some great shops....we'd have a ball.


  4. i have to say that ONE of the best moments was when you were watching football and yelling at the ref, while i was cooking dinner in the kitchen!


    the menu: blackened mahi-mahi, marinated veggies, grilled pasta, lenny-fried rice, spinach salad, wine, water...

  5. other moments:

    * when the trout-pond guy said: "$3.75 a pound... and you can keep what you catch."

    * when ashley from asheville said (in reference to her 5 a.m. breakfast at the waffle house):
    "they were already on TODAY, and we hadn't even finished YESTERDAY yet."

    * when there was no hot water in the cabin, and we decided that "dirt was invented before soap," and "showers are not really that important, anyway."

    * when the sky was crystal clear blue.

    * when we said (for the ten-thousandth time, in unison): "look at the cuuuuuhhhhluh!"

  6. now I'm REALLY envious.

    The "cullah" here in November consists of two choices: Brown or Bare. (Although I must admit, we had a beautiful autumn this year - just too short.)

    Jean, we can't wait to see you in January...and we promise to be "cullahful".

    Love to you both!
    xoxoxo, cd

  7. hi clare!

    yeah, we probably missed the VIBRANT cullah (and the traffic :) by about two weeks, but there was still plenty to peek at (post-peak, so to speak).

    get on down here :)

    (less than 21 days 'till GE 2009!)