Friday, November 20, 2009

"it's just a ride"

i've never quite embraced the idea that "everyone" could be fed, here, in the relative world.

...but hicks' take (exploring inner space) sure beats the militant altenative.

* clip received (appropriately enough) on november 19, 2009. 

* it was sent by mark, of (the formerly active) sangrock yoga.


  1. I quoted this guy when I caught the last bit of his act one evening.

    zafire's comment was right on the money: The world population currently just under 7 billion has grown continually since the end of the black death around 1400. Some theories say that a population somewhere between 10/12 billion would be unsustainable on this planet. We could certainly speed up this process by eradicating poverty and disease and as we stand shoulder to shoulder we could say to each other "what smart ass thought of this".
    (Maybe just as well we're not in control)

    It's love no matter what it looks and feels like.

  2. total agreement with "it's all Love, and it's All Good."

    ...and also aware that, here, in the relative world, it's a roller-coaster ride between love and fear...

    which is All Love, which is All Good.

    hicks' take is a great one, even with the ultra-utopic line at the back end.

    :) i LOVE It!