Friday, November 20, 2009

how do we know what we're talking about?

jagged little pill posts should be taken with eight ounces of water...
...and a grain of salt.

question: how (on earth) do any of us really know that what we're talking about is "right" or "true"?
* answer: we don't.

-the end

if we "believe" something, it's likely that our belief stems from something else that someone else said, wrote, or projected (on some kind of screen).

one of the most quoted books in the his-story of this planet was written by men, edited by men, translated (over a period of centuries) by men, based upon stories told (over a period of centuries) by men.  ..the book was then produced by men and published by men. ..has anyone noticed that books of this nature can have a slightly masculine overtone?

this is not to say that a product is (by any means) "wrong" is simply produced in the image of its creator(s).

even if our "Knowing" is based upon personal experience, our experiences are clouded by our limited senses, coupled with a nervous system that is designed to reinforce prior limited experiences. is clearly obvious that we often get it "skewed up," and history seems to show that humans have acquired quite a habit.

"truth" is a moving target, here in the world of relativity.

question: why do we even bother wasting time with opinions, discussions, viewpoints, etc.?
* answer: it's fun!
* answer II: it's a way to experience others' viewpoints, thereby giving us another potential look at our own beliefs.
* answer III: it is an act of expression, and living things cannot not express (in their own image).

question: how do we know that what we are saying is the Truth?
* answer: maybe the Truth lies withIn. ..maybe wIe are Truth, just lying about.

-the Be-ginning


  1. Not only do we not know, it doesn't matter whether we do or not.


    matter doesn't matter
    poet doesn't rhyme
    space abounds in Noplace as a tiny tic of time
    (except, of course, for Here & Now, in any relative space-time continuum)

    :) ooops.