Thursday, November 5, 2009


for this post, read "my" or "i" or "you" as "ego"

as a kid, i always followed the new york yankees.

the only way that “champions” can exist, however, is for somebody else to be a loser. ..the whole concept is an extension of human, splintered identity.

interestingly enough, if “my” team wins, “i” (for some silly reason) feel as if i'm “better.”’s as if self-esteem is somehow based upon how well a bunch of guys toss (or smack) some kind of ball. ..of course, if you are on my side, we can bond -- against those who aren't.


cities, states and even nations get into the grand illusion, which (at times) takes on olympic proportions. ..whole towns go into depression when a 19-year old kid drops a pass or misses a foul-shot.

unfortunately (for champions), every victory is inextricably married to the fear of future defeat, and every success reminds us of the egoic mantra “i can’t get no satisfaction,” because relative satisfaction is a fleeting phenomenon.

tonight and tomorrow, hundreds of thousands of people will be talking trash, saying things like “my yankees won the world series!”  ..then we'll all wear our little hats and shirts with emblems, marking each forehead or chest with our selected symbol of (hero) worship.

we certainly are interesting animals.

wIe cannot not point something out, however:

1. they aren’t “your” or “my” yankees, and
2. champions are (often) champions because of money, and
3. how good does it feel, really?

to me, the thing felt kind of empty, even though (i admit) i enjoy it when a player experiences joy because of hard-earned success.

eventually, wIe re-Cognize that Love (Union) feels good, and the illusion of separation does not. ..eventually, wIe re-Cognize the Game for what it is: a Dance of relativity, making time out of the Timeless.

the True Champion is the one with no opponent.
...the True measure of success is something other than "victory" over some-one or some thing.
......the True feeling of Bliss can be felt in a smile, a song, a sunset…

…and It can be experienced by anyone at any time, Now.

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  1. apologies to friends/family who are yankee fans, or fans of anything, for that matter.

    this post wrote itself last night, and then it posted itself, and all i could do was sit back and observe It All.