Thursday, November 12, 2009

cats & dogs

oppositical tendencies:
cats and dogs


* of course, these things that we label as "opposite" are often more alike than different.
* pencil drawings by my extremely talented brother, john albert martineau of graphicjam.


  1. Hi Lenny, there's some Len-worthy wordplay over on msayers blog, comments towards the end about intuition and innocence:
    Check it out!

  2. thanks, no one!

    that was good, clean fun!

    the "yoda" quip had me wondering if ego (mini-me, fear, small i, etc.) might be the inverse of Yoda (EnLightened One)... which could be reflected (backwards) as "you-duh" or "we-duh," dancing in the dark (so to speak).

    we-duh: that's the state where we begin to think that we actually have a clue as to what we're talking about. :)

    interestingly enough, yoda taught luke to tap-into "The Force" by not forcing it.

    i've noticed much more of a "letting go" theme and a "Perfection" theme on your blog, as it unfolds (maybe it was All-Ways there, and this is how i'm reading it Now?).


    in a world of apparent chaos, war, 2012 and doomsday theory, it is refreshing to step into the world of no one -- in order to tap into a bit of Oneness.

    i thank you (in particular) for that.
    maybe these are all clues,
    maybe "opposites" aren't "attracting" so much as "re-Member-ing"...
    ...or something like that.

    maybe It's All the Same,
    your u.s.a. brothah, lenny

  3. OK...I'm not even gonna pretend that I understand any of that!

    The reason I'm commenting is to give kudo's to Bro John and his drawings. Awesome, Awesome.

    love to all,
    xoxoxo, cd

  4. dude is ON!

    yeah, clare, i agree. i don't understand any of that stuff either.

    of course, contemplating it does keep me off the streets at night.