Saturday, November 28, 2009

the best day of the year

click here for the world famous martineau family gift exchange (being held today)


  1. Enjoy your day my dearest Lenny...


  2. I just went back to your original LONG post from 2008 and read all the rules and regulations concerning the gift exchange for the very first time, and must I say several things:

    1) I LOVE Donna.
    2) You have such a wonderful gift of making things seem so real and so much like those of us who aren't there are can really understand the feel of things.
    3) The whole idea of such a family event was so moving to me, my eyes are misty and my heart is full!


  3. hey, jules!

    even with my loooooong description, the actual event is incredibly impossible to describe.

    there's really nothing quite like it!